The Avant Music Network... a network for everyone. Its goal is to gather professionals and associative operators of experimental and new music that could not have been referenced and linked by already existing official networks.

How does it work?

  • From cafés to actual music venues, contact the people that are into new music, regardless of their financial capacities.
  • Make solidarity work: contact the local musicians and bands of a town to ask them where to play... or even make a double bill!
  • Reference your band or your organization in order to allow other professionals to be aware of your presence on the international scene.
  • Contribute and add other artists, bands, venues and organizations of your city or with which you worked when in tour.

Next concerts around the world

    2016-11-30 : Filmwerkplaats presents: The Scent of Colour
    2016-11-29 : Rattle (UK), The Irrational Library and Capsular
    2016-11-25 : Pantropical: Fumaça Preta
    2016-11-23 : Angst essen Seele auf AKA Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
    2016-11-20 : Frontaal #13
    2016-11-19 : Hefty! x Skank: Jlsxnd7rs - S.N.M Release Party
    2016-11-19 : That Happy Breed: Brexit Opera
    2016-11-18 : Popdottir
    2016-11-13 : Idiot Glee, Happy Meals and Hellenica
    2016-11-13 : De Grote Hoop #11: Pervola, sporen in de sneeuw (35MM)
    2016-11-11 : GenderBendingQueerParty V - gENdeRcLOwnS
    2016-11-11 : S/ASH Opening Night: The Chapel / The Pilgrimage / The Devil
    2016-11-10 : TYPCR - Indoor Petanque
    2016-11-09 : Rough Conditions: Adventure Film Festival
    2016-11-08 : MiMa 56: Ensemble Economique + Jung An Tagen
    2016-11-02 : Rear Windows in Layers
    2016-11-01 : Andrew Bernstein + Owen Gardner (Ehse Records, US)
    2016-10-29 : The Quietus Festival
    2016-10-28 : Capone45!
    2016-10-26 : Those Shocking Shaking Days
    2016-10-23 : Liima (DK)